Doreen is my ideal practitioner.  She brings both intellect and intuition to her work.  She has years of experience, but also the enthusiasm and open-mindedness associated with “beginner’s mind.”  She listens and she explains, providing true patient-centered care.

~Hedda Goodman

Recently I’ve received Doreen’s NMT work for a series of facial surgeries I underwent. The NMT sessions have decreased my pain, increased the pace of my physical healing and allowed me to move forward from the experiences.

With her expertise in acupuncture, Chinese herbs and NMT, she has treated my health concerns over the years with the approach that best fits my situation. I’m always confident that she can help me through a physical or emotional trauma with one of her many skill sets. I’m happy to recommend her when friends ask me for a referral to an integrative medicine practitioner.


My job as a high school teacher can be very stressful, and I find that regular acupuncture treatments every month or two with Doreen really help me keep an even keel. She’s used acupuncture and NMT to help me control IC symptoms and allergies as well.  Her personal warmth and caring nature will provide you with the support you need.  I am very grateful to have found Doreen and I continue to look forward to our sessions.

~Beth R.

My naturopath referred me to Doreen Giles to assist in getting control of food/chemical sensitivities that I had.  Through her help with NMT all of my sensitivities have reduced or have gone away.  I feel very fortunate to have her as one of my healthcare practitioners.  

~ Ruth Miller

Many years ago, after a bad bout of flu lingered and left me with asthma, I developed an allergy to cats. Regular acupuncture and herbs took care of the asthma, but I still could not be around cats without getting itchy eyes, sneezing and a drippy nose. My young son really wanted to adopt some kittens into our family, so I decided to see Doreen and gave NeuroModulation a try. Within a few sessions I was completely cured and we were happily able to bring two kitties home in time for my son’s birthday. Fourteen years later I am still doing fine. I love NMT and recommend it to my patients regularly.

~ Kate Behrens, L.Ac.

I had a neuroma in my right foot as a result of running and training for Ironman. I saw a podiatrist, took time off from exercise, got orthotics, etc., but I continued to have ongoing flareups and painful burning in the area of the neuroma. I came to Doreen and in about 2 months, with 7 sessions, she was able to alleviate my symptoms and I am back running again! Acupuncture has been the most relaxing, empowering treatment I’ve ever experienced.


Our son at age 7 developed persistent physical and vocal tics that were becoming more and more disruptive. After various medical evaluations, we were told the only option to minimize (not eliminate) the tics was medication. Looking for alternatives, we found Doreen, who recommended NMT.

The results achieved through his sessions with Doreen were nothing short of amazing. After two years of watching our son struggle with the social and emotional effects of increasing and disruptive tic episodes, Doreen addressed the contributing factors and eliminated the tics within a few short weeks. Her commitment to addressing his condition and her knowledge and skill with NMT literally changed his life. He remains tic-free at age 15 and is a more happy, secure and confident young man. Doreen is our hero!

Also, I had read about the positive effects of acupuncture in treating symptoms of PMS. Tiring of the toll my monthly “roller-coaster” of physical and emotional symptoms was having on my work and family relationships, I decided to work with Doreen to find relief. My once-a-month appointment with Doreen has made a huge improvement in my PMS symptoms. My sessions with Doreen and an herbal supplement she recommended have greatly improved my overall health and well-being!

~Karin C.

My life was once ruled by all the allergies I had. I could not participate fully in life. My story changed when I began treatment [NMT] with Doreen. Now I can fully participate in life and am no longer afraid of all the things I used to be allergic to! I am healthier and have increased stamina.


For over 10 years, I had a recurring respiratory ailment that often resulted in being unable to go to work for up to three weeks at a time. It was so discouraging and I would worry every time I’d start to feel a cold developing. I had acupuncture with Doreen twice a month for two months and then, as I improved, continuing once a month for about a year. That plus Chinese herbs were completely successful in clearing up this problem. It has been several years now since my last acupuncture treatment and I no longer am plagued by the respiratory ailments I used to get.

My elderly mother has also come to Doreen for acupuncture to help with shoulder pain. That shoulder had been broken earlier and had required surgery. Since then, her range of motion was limited and she always had a little pain. But in 2007 the pain increased to the point of causing nausea and was affecting her thinking. None of the drugs that her doctors prescribed seemed to help at all. After a few weeks of this, I remembered how helpful acupuncture had been for me and suggested it to my mother. That first appointment with Doreen went well. The healing power of acupuncture was apparent when I visited my mom the next day. It was as though veils of pain and apprehension had fallen away and she was herself again. Since then my mother continues to have an occasional acupuncture session as needed. The extreme pain has never returned.

~Jane S.

For years I was suffering from increasingly severe nasal congestion. It got to the point that I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night and was continually exhausted and miserable. I finally saw an allergist who diagnosed me with a dust mite allergy and put me on a nasal spray hormone, which tended to cause nosebleeds. I understood that he was treating only my symptoms and not the underlying imbalance, and so I started seeing someone for acupuncture and herbs. My symptoms eased a bit, but then my healing hit a plateau. She recommended that I see Doreen, whose practice involved more than acupuncture and herbs. For the first several sessions, Doreen used only NeuroModulation Technique with me, and as my healing progressed, she began using more acupuncture as we met less frequently. I saw her once a month for a time for “maintenance,” and now I have gone quite a long time without needing a session. Only rarely does congestion keep me from getting enough sleep. I always carry her card in my wallet so I can recommend her to others needing healing.

~Randy Haselow

I find Doreen to be highly knowledgeable and experienced not only with acupuncture but with a range of techniques (herbs, yoga, general lifestyle/behavioral techniques) that help me with anxiety, stress, muscle tension, sports-related injuries and inflammation, and resistance to colds and flu. One of the best things about working with her is the holistic approach to my well-being. She has a comprehensive picture of my health status, so problems can be dealt with in context rather than in isolation.

A regular acupunture regimen for me helps control my anxiety by inducing relaxation in the short-term but also by shifting me in the long-term away from a defensive, fight-or-flight mode, into a more relaxed, contemplative, and even joyful way of being.


Our son (age 8) has struggled with sensory integration issues his whole life. He functions at a high level and because he wasn’t diagnosable, we weren’t able to get help from Western Medicine. Doreen was able to approach our son’s healing from a larger perspective without labels, just symptoms and feelings. She took the time to get to know him and was willing to give him the space and thoughtfulness that he needed in order to maximize his healing experience with NMT.

Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by life’s experiences had ruled almost every choice of our day. He has settled into himself and has made great progress. His anxiety and social fears have decreased. He is better able to manage his feeling and thoughts. He is no longer stuck in his emotional responses. He tells us he feels so much better. We can see and feel the difference too. And he’s able to recognize what is happening as it is happening, which has given him options that he did not once have. Overall, our son is able to have independence and ownership of his choices, and for that we are all grateful.

~Kim R.

I just want to say that Doreen Giles has been a lifesaver. I was referred to her from my chiropractor just a little over a year ago and I don’t miss a session. My original reason for seeking out acupuncture was to assist with ankle pain. After spending time talking and reviewing my overall health, our focus changed to more mental health stability. We have been working on benign essential tremors along with memory and cognitive functions. After 2 sessions I felt a huge difference and knew we were on the right track. I would say about 6 months ago [after 5-6 sessions over 4-5 months], I started to feel like a weight was lifted. I’ve had tremendous improvements with my tremors, enjoy reading and my memory is almost as good as it was when I was a young adult. I want to say thank you to Doreen, for her fine art and continued support to help improve my overall health.


The gentle, non-invasive nature of NMT makes it a good choice for me. I’ve made a lot of progress in improving my underlying health and helping my body heal itself. Doreen has always listened to me (and my body!) carefully and tailored treatments to what I need and what will benefit me the most.


[Regarding a neuroma in one foot] During the 3-4 months that I received 6 acupuncture treatments, I was able to take two trips and walk quite a lot with little discomfort. After these treatments, the true test was when I was in Vietnam for three weeks, often needing to be barefoot on hard floors and otherwise in sandals. I experienced no discomfort from the neuroma.

Also, my adult daughter had a virus that paralyzed her vocal cords, making it very difficult for her to speak loud enough to be heard well. After several months, medical tests showed that the nerve was not regenerating. At my urging, she saw Doreen Giles. Within a month her voice was close to normal and now has come back fully.


I’ve had at least a dozen acupuncturists over the last several decades as I am a firm believer in the power of acupuncture. Acupuncture has healed things for me that defy explanation by the western medical field. Doreen is a one in a million acupuncturist. Her manner and demeanor are at once very humble and very loving, kind and patient. She has seen me through anxiety disorder (so agoraphobic that I could not work) and the stomach discomfort that comes with it, allergies, and plantar fasciitis in both feet so severe that I could barely walk, and more. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I do recommend her frequently to my own clients.

~Patty P.

[Regarding relief from chronic migraines] I would recommend that anyone suffering from a chronic condition see Doreen at the Healing Arts Center. The approach she took in working with me was respectful, hopeful and realistic. This really works!


As an acupuncture client of Doreen Giles for many years, I have received deeply caring and highly effective treatment. Aside from improvements in my physical health, I also experience a deep level of relaxation during and after my treatments, resulting in a greater sense of well-being. Without a doubt, Doreen has a healing touch.

~Anne B. C.