NeuroModulation Technique:  It’s always been easy to do NMT sessions successfully over a phone or video call. That has been a wonderful option during the pandemic for many patients.  Over the years, I’ve worked via telehealth with new patients who live too far away to come in person, as well as with current patients who move away from Madison and want to continue their NMT care.  We can connect with an audio phone call or add video with Zoom or FaceTime.

Acupressure, meridian stretches, qi gong practices:  We can consult by video call for instruction on simple practices that promote healthy circulation of blood and qi (energy). I always enjoy sharing skills that empower patients to take good care of themselves.

Gokhale Method:  The online Elements course is a great way to learn the Gokhale Method!  It consists of 18 mini-lessons of about 13 minutes each. We meet on Zoom for this convenient one-on-one posture coaching, with each lesson focusing on one posture element.  There are also many opportunities to learn more online through free workshops and free videos on the website.  You can also sign up for an online initial consultation, and there are daily and weekly online exercise programs available to graduates.