What is it?

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is based on principles of biology and physiology, as well as ideas from quantum physics. It provides a way to directly access the body’s Autonomic Control System (ACS) – that’s what’s keeping us well by running the countless bodily functions that we’re not consciously aware of. When the ACS gets mixed signals or other informational errors, it can’t do its job properly and then we have pain or other symptoms that don’t clear up as they should. Like debugging a computer program, with NMT we help the ACS remove errors in the nervous system and apply the correct information to restore our good health. It’s a safe, non-invasive technique that can be used with children and adults.

How does illness happen?

The Autonomic Control System is the part of us that’s running everything automatically in the background while our conscious attention is involved with the decisions and activities of our day. The ACS is constantly using information from our five senses as well as from countless feedback mechanisms in the body, keeping our breathing going, our hearts beating, our food digesting, our hair growing, and directing a million other activities that we usually don’t notice at all. Its sole purpose is to keep us alive and well.

The ACS is kind of like an air traffic controller who has to know what’s going on for miles around in every direction, in every altitude, at every moment in order to do the job of keeping all the people in the planes safe. It’s crucial that the information coming in is accurate and current, and that the controller is interpreting the information correctly.

In the same way, our ACS must rely on correct and current data about what’s going on outside of and inside the body. Illness or pain can result when there’s a “glitch” in the information processing. NMT is a way to find these errors and deliver the correct information to the ACS.

Common examples of information errors in the ACS:

  • An allergy response results when the ACS mistakes a harmless substance, like cat dander or pollen, for something dangerous that it must expel.
  • When the ACS is confused about which cells are “self” and which cells are “foreign,” it may attack self cells and create an autoimmune disease.
  • It might not notice the presence of some pathogen, letting a low-level infection linger.
  • It might not be getting feedback that an injured finger is now healed and continue to try to protect it by making it hurt when you move it.
  • It may even refer back to outdated experiences and create emotional responses that do not fit the current situation, keeping a person stuck in an unpleasant or unhealthy frame of mind.

What’s a session like?

In a typical session, the patient and I are seated. We show a better set of information to the ACS using special verbal scripts of questions and corrective training statements that address the specific ways that mis-information can lead to illness or pain. We use a gentle Muscle Response Testing to get feedback from the ACS as we work, and periodically stimulate the nervous system by tapping points alongside the spine or on the chest.

How does that work?

All types of modalities, from surgery to physical therapies to energetic techniques, rely ultimately on the body’s own healing mechanism responding to the practitioner’s input. NMT works by accessing this innate healing mechanism quite directly. The sessions are unlike many other modalities because there’s nothing that I actually “do” to you – no acupuncture needles, no herbs, no massage. It’s all about accessing the strong field of communication between us that quantum physics has described, and presenting to your ACS a better set of information than the one it’s been using. NMT brings the ACS to more accurate awareness of body conditions so it can make the best choices in regulating your health.

What can NMT help with?

Because the ACS is in charge of all of our systems, NMT can be used to help with almost any condition. It’s been used successfully in cases of pain, allergies, autoimmune conditions, lingering infections, digestive complaints, anxiety, muscle spasms and tics, and many other conditions. 

How many sessions will I need?

Often, changes occur instantaneously as we work – pain disappears, anger or anxiety dissolves, range of motion increases. Usually a person will need a series of sessions to achieve the desired results. Depending on the person’s condition and history, I usually recommend a fair trial of several sessions to evaluate the response and decide how to proceed.

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For more information, visit the NMT website.