My Training

Acupuncture & Herbs:

Hi, I’m Doreen Giles. I am a National Board Certified acupuncturist (NCCAOM) and am licensed to practice acupuncture in Wisconsin. I graduated in 1996 from the three-year program at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, WI. My internship included training in China for a month as well as with several practitioners in Madison, Racine and Beloit, WI. I completed an additional one-year course in Chinese herbal medicine at the Wisconsin Institute of Natural Wellness in Racine in 1996. Continuing education training during my more than 25 years in practice has been invaluable, including the study of Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method, which I use often with acupuncture clients. My preferred style is distal acupuncture, where we use acupuncture points that are distant from and yet related to the area that hurts. Other techniques include guasha, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine as needed.


I have been practicing NeuroModulation Technique since Dr. Feinberg began teaching it in 2002. I continue to keep up with the many new developments in the field by attending NMT seminars regularly and subscribing to the online continuing education forum.

Other methods:

I have studied several energetic techniques during my years in practice, including acupressure, Quantum Touch, and Reconnective Healing. I may use one or more of these with a patient during an acupuncture session to give the treatment some extra focus in an area such as a sore foot, injured knee, or tight shoulders. By request, we can have an entire session using one of these techniques without acupuncture.

I’ve also had extensive training to teach the Gokhale Method for optimal posture. That includes ongoing monthly teleseminars and ready access to communication with founder Esther Gokhale and the community of teachers.

Why I like my job

I enjoy helping people with techniques that help them discover more about themselves and their natural healing power. Patients are often surprised to feel their own qi for the first time when they are having an acupuncture session. Chinese Medicine theory can help people make sense of their lists of complaints, as it explains how seemingly unrelated symptoms may be linked to the same cause. It also clarifies for people how stress, whether physical or emotional, has specific adverse effects on health. With new understanding and respect for their bodies, people are motivated to make healthy changes.

Like acupuncture, NMT helps remove obstacles to the body’s own healing. It has been effective for many patients dealing with allergies, pain, autoimmune conditions, and emotional issues. Often, people can feel and appreciate immediate effects, even subtle ones, and can gain insight into what they can do on their own to turn things around.

It’s rewarding (and even fun!) for the patient and me when one of these methods helps a superficial, acute condition clear up quickly. And when someone with a more complex, chronic condition who feels somehow stuck responds well to our sessions, it is even more rewarding to see hope restored and enthusiasm for life return.

Covid Risk Reduction

We are doing all we can to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid at our office. If you are feeling ill or have a temperature on the day of our appointment, or have been recently exposed to someone with Covid, please do not come.  Just call me at 608-244-2446 and we’ll reschedule at no extra charge.

  • Three practitioners share our suite, each with our own treatment rooms.
  • We have divided up the week to minimize the number of people likely to be in the suite at the same time.

  • We ask patients and clients to call or text us when they arrive at the building and then we walk them directly to our treatment rooms, eliminating any need to wait in the common area of the suite.

  • We schedule extra time after each appointment for sanitizing our rooms, following the recommended protocols.

  • We use high quality air purifiers in our treatment rooms.

  • We follow recommended guidelines on wearing masks in our treatment rooms. Masks are required in the building common areas.

The Photos

I like taking pictures of interesting and beautiful scenes.  I am certainly no pro, but smartphones make it easy to look pretty good!  All the pictures on this website are ones I took on walks around Madison. 

Slowing down enough to observe nature’s pace through the seasons quiets our ever-busy minds and helps us feel our connection to the lakes, trees, plants, animals, and people in our lives. When we feel like we belong here, part of it all, we take better care of ourselves. We become more resilient and flexible. That’s good medicine!